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The process of increasing a file size by adding pixels that are created based on the tonal values of surrounding pixels, is known as

The range of colors that can be captured or reproduced by any device is known as

Which of the following color spaces can produce the widest range of color?

Which or the following is best suited for creating subtle changes in the softening of skin in an image?

When making adjustments to individual RGB channels of a color image that has been converted to black and white, adding green will effectively

Which of the following tools would work best for working an image to place additional emphasis on the subject by darkening the corners and surrounding areas?

The most precise method of calibrating a computer monitor is by

When editing a digital image taken in a low light situation, which adjustment needs to be performed in order to remove the undesired little red, green and blue film grain -like effect in the image?

When sending digital files to a magazine for publication, the preferred color space is

Which of the following file types would be best for preserving layers for editing at a later time?

When selecting a computer to process digital images, which of the following should be given priority?

What is used to standardize the color values of an image seen on a monitor with the output of a printer?

Which of the following color spaces has the smallest gamut?

"Fringes" of color along the edges separating dark and very bright values in an images is known as

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