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CPP WB 1-29-16 Edit.pub

I am pleased to introduce my CPP Study Guide for those who are considering preparing to become a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

CPP WB 1-29-16 Edit.pub



The Certified Professional Photographer designation from PPA assures potential clients of a photographer’s knowledge, experience and continued development of new skills and techniques.

In short, Certification provides you with a tool for telling the world—and all those potential clients—why they should call you rather than a competitor down the street. Click here to learn more about PPA Certification.

cumulaiveThis study guide addresses each of the topics covered on the CPP Test Specifications provided by PPA.  It is written in easy to understand language that feels more conversational – not technical.

The guide is created in color and is filled with illustrations and images to support the process of learning the material and preparing for the test.

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The book is available for immediate download in full resolution so that you can print it yourself or simply download it to your computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone.

Purchase of the book also includes a one-year, Premium Membership with access to  seven practice exams that can be taken online.  Tests include an “overall” test featuring questions from the entire set of test specifications as well as individual tests from each of the six separate topics.

Premium Membership also includes a complete Video Study of the entire book. Steve takes you section by section through the Study Guide and helps you take a deeper dive into the concepts and principles covered in the test specifications.

The cost for the book and the one-year Premium Membership which includes 7 practice tests and over nine and a half hours of video study is only $99.

You can now download the new study guide that covers the most recent updates to the Test Specifications.  Practice Exams in support of the new Test Specification are now live.  

Level Price  
Premium Membership $99.00 now.
Membership expires after 2 Years.
Free Video Membership Free.
Membership expires after 1 Year.


Steve Kozak is a “PPA Approved” instructor for Certification Prep Classes.  Steve is available to teach live prep classes for your association.