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What additive light is produced when equal amounts of pure red and green lights are mixed?

What is the result when equal amounts of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are mixed?

Negative space in a composition can be used to present the subject by

Symmetry can be a desirable compositional design, but it is considered to be "passive" because it does not create

You are photographing a family in October with the leaves in fall color. Which of the following clothing colors represents an analogous color scheme?

Photographing a waterfall through an over-hanging tree limb is an example of

When photographing a subject’s face in a two-thirds portrait view, which of the following head positions is correct?

For a traditional head and shoulders portrait, the camera should be

When posing families, a strong compositional design choice would be

Which of the following might be a good choice to help eliminate distractions in the background of an outdoor location?

Because asymmetrical balance can be used to call attention to the larger of two elements, the compositional design is said to be

Colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel are known as

What is the complimentary color to green?

Repeating patterns generally

When creating a portrait with the subject in the basic pose (C-curve), the subject's head would

The complementary color of blue light is

When using the rule of thirds to compose a photograph, the main subject should be placed

You are doing a low key portrait of a senior. Which of the following props would not be a good choice?

Because clients tend to order a variety of sizes, which of the following would provide the best practice for accommodating a variety of crops?

Which of the following is a desirable use of leading lines in an image?

Which of the following would not help improve a "busy" background?

Red is a combination of which of the following two subtractive colors of light?

What is the result when equal amounts of Red, Green and Blue light are mixed?

What size print will show the entire image from a camera with a sensor that has a 2:3 aspect ratio?

To create a portrait of a model in a standing S-curve pose, the model would

Warm colors in an image tend to

​One of the best ways to visually emphasize texture in a composition is to

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