Private Consulting

Dear Fellow Photographer,

My job as a “coach” is to find the strengths and weaknesses that exist and design a game plan that plays to your strengths and builds on your weaknesses.  I am there to provide the tools and the training, and inspire you to succeed. If you think the idea of coaching is a bit silly think about this:  All professional athletes have coaches!

Consultation services are available for complete business make-overs or on specific issues that you wish to address including:

Pricing Issues – Learn how to create a successful price list and how to price your work for maximum profits. Evaluate different pricing structures and how they relate to the way you want to run your business.

Improving Your Photography – Do you want to learn more about studio lighting and posing? Would you like to improve your work using existing lighting outdoors? Perhaps you are ready to elevate the quality of your work by discovering the artist within you!

Marketing – This is perhaps the single most important issue for photographers. Many photographers I have worked with hate marketing, but without it, our businesses would fail. We have to learn what marketing is – and what it is not! Learn how to market yourself and your business to reflect the direction you want your business to grow!

Dealing With Competition – Who are your competitors and what do you really know about them. Learn how to deal with price hackers and which photographers you should fear most!

Wedding Photography – Learn how to charge what you are worth and how to get brides to respect you as an expert and an artist! Learn the dynamics of the wedding consultation and how to get brides to respond to you. Learn how to impact brides and grooms at bridal shows.

Writing Ads – Learn how to write effective ads that set you apart. Learn how to get great responses without discounting your work.

Employee Training – Should you have employees? Would you like to have a training seminar for your employees?

Web Design – Do you want a web site for your studio? I can help you with all of the details in setting up your site including: designing your site, hosting, getting clients to your site & keeping them coming back, and how to maintain your site – all for only $300 per year!

I offer consulting programs that are custom created to meet your needs. There is no charge for an initial evaluation of your needs. Consultation services are available by the hour or by the day. Consulting is available by phone, at my studio or in your studio! Private consultation is available starting as low as $175/hr. Day rates for in-studio consulting start at $1200/day. Call 972-601-9070 for more information or to discuss your goals.

You can also purchase “Private Coaching” by phone. Simply select the plan that best fits your needs by clicking on one of the following choices:

btn_cart_LG  30 minutes phone consultation…$95

btn_cart_LG  60 minutes phone consultation…$125

Please also fill out the application below.  I will contact you to make an appointment for our phone consultation.

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