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1. Which of the following is the best choice for photographing a subject in mixed lighting?
2. Given an exposure of F8 @ 125, figure the correct exposure adjustment when using a filter with a 4X filter factor.
3. The complementary color of blue light is
4. What would be the result of changing from 16 to 8 bit color space?
5. Determine the correct exposure at 100 ISO for a subject in full sun.
6. Because asymmetrical balance can be used to call attention to the larger of two elements, the compositional design is said to be
7. In a bounce flash scenario, which of the following f-stops would likely be the best choice when using a portable flash that is bounced off of a white, 10 ft. ceiling?
8. What is the effective focal length of a 100mm lens on a camera with a 1.6 crop factor?
9. The process of increasing a file size by adding pixels that are created based on the tonal values of surrounding pixels, is known as
10. ​One of the best ways to visually emphasize texture in a composition is to
11. ​Which of the following negatively impacts the preservation of a printed image?
12. What is the complimentary color to green?
13. Colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel are known as
14. Which of the following might be a good choice to help eliminate distractions in the background of an outdoor location?
15. Which of the following would be the most appropriate resolution for a color brochure printed on a 4-color press?
16. What is Depth of Field?
17. Which of the following would provide the best option for file storage?
18. Why would you want to change the shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/250?
19. What size print will show the entire image from a camera with a sensor that has a 2:3 aspect ratio?
20. ​The "angle of view" of a 200mm lens would would help a photographer
21. When creating a portrait with the subject in the basic pose (C-curve), the subject's head would
22. Photographing a waterfall through an over-hanging tree limb is an example of
23. Which line has the shutter speeds in the correct order?
24. When using the rule of thirds to compose a photograph, the main subject should be placed
25. Moving a light source closer to a subject will change the quality of the light by making it
26. What is the slowest shutter speed that you should use if you are hand-holding your camera?
27. A histogram shows the brightness value of all the ___________ in an image.
28. If the flash output at 10 feet is F11, what would be the new output if the flash was set to 1/8 power?
29. With the main light set to F11 and placed at 45° to the subject and the fill located behind the camera, what would be the output of the fill need to be to get a 2:1 lighting ratio at the subject?
30. A filter which reduces the reflection of non-metallic surfaces is known as a
31. To avoid creating a silhouette of a backlit subject,
32. When creating a full-length portrait of a drill team member, the best placement for the camera to minimize distortion is...
33. The "dynamic range" of a sensor represents the ratio between the
34. The main light is placed at 45 degrees from the subject and set to F8. The fill light is placed behind the camera. How will it need to be set to create a 3:1 ratio on the subject?
35. A client wants a close-up image, with minimal distortion, of an engagement ring. Which of the following lens types should be used?
36. In a bounce flash scenario, which of the following f-stops would be the best choice for a flash that is bounced off of a 12 foot ceiling and the camera set to 400 ISO?
37. Which of the following light patterns would flatter a subject with a round face?
38. ​When given an exposure of F11@1/250 at 200 ISO, which of the following is an equivalent exposure setting at 1600 ISO?
39. What type of exposure meter is used inside a camera?
40. If a flash measures F11 at full power and at 10 feet from the subject, what power setting would be required to have the flash measure F8 when placed 5 feet from the subject?
41. Which of the following would not help improve a "busy" background?
42. To create a portrait of a model in a standing S-curve pose, the model would
43. Warm colors in an image tend to
44. ​The paper with the widest tonal range from black to white would be
45. Which of the following is a desirable use of leading lines in an image?
46. When photographing a subject’s face in a two-thirds portrait view, which of the following head positions is correct?
47. What is the effective focal length of a 200mm lens on a camera with a 1.3 crop factor?
48. What would a photographer need to know in order to know a lens' effective focal length on a camera with a cropped sensor?
49. You are photographing a 30 story building for a real estate client, and the building appears much larger at the bottom than it does at the top.  What specialty lens would allow you to correct this issue so that the building is straight from top to bottom?
50. For long-term storage of images, it is best practice to consider
51. Because clients tend to order a variety of sizes, which of the following would provide the best practice for accommodating a variety of crops?
52. An incident meter measures light
53. Which ISO value would create the most grain when converting a RAW file into a JPG?
54. Given an exposure of F11 @ 250, figure the correct exposure adjustment when using a filter with a 8X filter factor.
55. Why are flat diffusers used on a meter?
56. ​When using a flash, the sync speed is determined by
57. If the flash output measures F11 at 10 feet, what is the new output if the flash is moved to 20 feet?
58. A seriously under-exposed image will show the tonal values on the histogram
59. What is used to standardize the color values of an image seen on a monitor with the output of a printer?
60. You are doing a low key portrait of a senior. Which of the following props would not be a good choice?
61. Red is a combination of which of the following two subtractive colors of light?
62. Which of the following file types would be best for preserving layers for editing at a later time?
63. ​To create a silhouette of a cowboy on horseback,
64. For a traditional head and shoulders portrait, the camera should be
65. ​A photographer has elected to photograph a pilot with a 747 airplane in the background. To create balanced perspective of the pilot in relation to the plane,
66. Repeating patterns generally
67. The layer of tiny filters in an alternating pattern of green, red and blue which covers the sensor is know as...
68. The hair light, when used as a proper accent light, does its job best when it is positioned
69. During an environmental session using natural light, the subject has good catchlights in the eyes, but flat lighting on the face. The best way to improve this situation would be to use a
70. When posing families, a strong compositional design choice would be
71. PPI defines
72. Determine the correct exposure at 100 ISO for a subject in full sun.
73. ​What is the effective focal length of a 24-105mm zoom lens when used on a camera with a half-frame sensor?
74. When editing a digital image taken in a low light situation, which adjustment needs to be performed in order to remove the undesired little red, green and blue film grain -like effect in the image?
75. When considering the longevity of a printed image, a photographer should consider using
76. Given F8 @ 1/125, what would the new shutter speed need to be if you moved the f-stop to F5.6?
77. What are “equivalent exposures”?
78. What additive light is produced when equal amounts of pure red and green lights are mixed?
79. ​Which one of the following characteristics of an inkjet paper affects the archival quality of a print?
80. A portrait of an executive has been taken outdoors with a digital camera. The image looked fine on the LCD viewer. The next photograph of the executive is taken in an office building. This time the LCD image appears green. Before continuing the photo session, what is the most efficient way to correct this problem?
81. What does the ISO setting tell us?
82. Which of the following would provide the greatest contrast when lighting a subject?
83. Give an equivalent exposure to F11 @ 1/15.
84. When selecting a computer to process digital images, which of the following should be given priority?
85. You are photographing a family in October with the leaves in fall color. Which of the following clothing colors represents an analogous color scheme?
86. Which of the following shutter speeds would most likely be appropriate to get the sharpest images of an outdoor soccer game being played in full sun?
87. A camera can get closer in order to focus on an object by adding distance between the focal plane and the lens with the use of
88. Given an exposure of F11 at 1/125, find the correct exposure after applying the bellows factor with a bellows extension of 100mm and a 28mm lens.
89. What are exposure meters designed to measure?
90. "Fringes" of color along the edges separating dark and very bright values in an images is known as
91. Negative space in a composition can be used to present the subject by
92. What happens to the depth of field when you move the lens from F11 to F16?
93. Symmetry can be a desirable compositional design, but it is considered to be "passive" because it does not create
94. A high school senior who races motorcycles, wants an image that showcases his speed. A good photographic technique that can be employed to create motion blur would be
95. Tiny individual cavities on a sensor that collect varying amounts of light during an exposure are known as
96. The most precise method of calibrating a computer monitor is by
97. Which of the following may be responsible for introducing "digital artifacts"?
98. The word "pixels" is derived from combining the words...
99. You are photographing a high school senior with his car. The sun is used to back-light him. Which of the following techniques should be used to produce the best result?
100. When sending digital files to a magazine for publication, the preferred color space is

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