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The hair light, when used as a proper accent light, does its job best when it is positioned

To achieve a "loop lighting" pattern, the photographer would

If the flash output at 10 feet is F11, what would be the new output if the flash was set to 1/4 power?

With the main light set to F11 and placed at 45° to the subject and the fill located behind the camera, what would be the output of the fill need to be to get a 2:1 lighting ratio at the subject?

Moving the lens from F16 to F5.6 does what to the light reaching the sensor?

Which of the following is NOT a drawback of using an off camera flash with an infra red trigger?

In a bounce flash scenario, which of the following f-stops would likely be the best choice for a flash bouncing off of a 12 foot ceiling and the camera set to 100 ISO?

Which of the following lighting modifiers would be best for keeping stray light from the main light from striking the background?

Increasing the size of the light source will make the light

You are creating a head shot of a female executive who has something of a "full" face.  Which of the following lighting styles will be the most flattering?

The color temperature of "daylight" is generally said to be

You are photographing a family around dusk and your flash measures F5.6 at 7ft.  You want to use F2.8 to get a shallow depth of field. What is the new distance you will need to place the flash from the family in order to use F2.8?

If a flash measures F16 at full power and at 10 feet from the subject, what power setting would be required to have the flash measure F16 when placed 5 feet from the subject?

If a flash exposure measures F11 @ 125 at 100 ISO, what would be the new setting at 400 ISO?

You are photographing a high school senior with his car. The sun is used to back-light him. Which of the following techniques should be used to produce the best result?

During an environmental session using natural light, the subject has good catchlights in the eyes, but flat lighting on the face. The best way to improve this situation would be to use a

Moving a light source closer to a subject will change the quality of the light by making it

Which of the following would provide the greatest contrast when lighting a subject?

The main light is placed at 45 degrees from the subject and set to F8. The fill light is placed behind the camera. How will it need to be set to create a 3:1 ratio on the subject?

Which of the following is the best choice for photographing a subject in mixed lighting?

Which of the following light patterns would flatter a subject with a round face?

To avoid creating a silhouette of a backlit subject,

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