Image Capture and Output 2022

Welcome to your Image Capture and Output 2022

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1. Which of the following would be the most appropriate resolution for a color brochure printed on a 4-color press?
2. Increasing the ISO also increases the risk of introducing
3. Which file type is best suited for images that will be presented on the web?
4. Which of the following file types provides the greatest latitude for critical color corrections?
5. To reduce the possibility of getting dust on the camera sensor when changing lenses,
6. Dust on the sensor will appear on an image as
7. A dark, rectangular section at one end of a horizontal image indicates
8. Which of the following may be responsible for introducing "digital artifacts"?
9. When considering the longevity of a printed image, a photographer should consider using
10. Which of the following would provide the best option for file storage?
11. PPI defines
12. For long-term storage of images, it is best practice to consider
13. ​Which of the following negatively impacts the preservation of a printed image?
14. ​The paper with the widest tonal range from black to white would be
15. ​Which one of the following characteristics of an inkjet paper affects the archival quality of a print?

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