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Welcome to your Exposures and Meters Updated Practice Test

Which line has the f-stops in the correct order?

Which line has the shutter speeds in the correct order?

Why are flat diffusers used on a meter?

Given F8 @ 1/125, what would the new shutter speed need to be if you moved the f-stop to F5.6?

If you move the f-stop from F5.6 to F8, what happens to the amount of light that reaches the sensor?

What are exposure meters designed to measure?

Why would you want to move the lens from F4 to F2.8?

What are “equivalent exposures”?

Your camera shows the histogram with the majority of the graph heavily weighted to the left. This could be an indication of

Which ISO value would create the most grain when converting a RAW file into a JPG?

A histogram shows the brightness value of all the ___________ in an image.

Give an equivalent exposure to F11 @ 1/15.

The technique for capturing relatively sharp images of a motorcycle rider by tracking the movement of the rider during a slow shutter speed exposure is known as

Which of the following shutter speeds would most likely be appropriate to get the sharpest images of an outdoor soccer game being played in full sun?

What type of exposure meter is used inside a camera?

Determine the correct exposure at 100 ISO for a subject in full sun.

What type of meter allows accurate reflective readings from a distance by isolating a tiny portion of a scene to be measured?

What is the slowest shutter speed that you should use if you are hand-holding your camera?

Why would you want to change the shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/250?

Determine the correct exposure at 100 ISO for a subject in full sun.

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