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What would a photographer need to know in order to know a lens' effective focal length on a camera with a cropped sensor?


What would be the result of changing from 16 to 8 bit color space?


The f-stops serve two purposes - what are they?


What is Depth of Field?


What happens to the depth of field when you move the lens from F11 to F16?


What does the ISO setting tell us?


The shutter speeds serve two purposes - what are they?


A portrait of an executive has been taken outdoors with a digital camera. The image looked fine on the LCD viewer. The next photograph of the executive is taken in an office building. This time the LCD image appears green. Before continuing the photo session, what is the most efficient way to correct this problem?


What device is used to create macro images of an object by adding distance between the focal plane and the lens?


A client wants a close-up image, with minimal distortion, of an engagement ring. Which of the following lens types should be used?


What is the effective focal length of a 200mm lens on a camera with a 1.3 crop factor?


What is the effective focal length of a 100mm lens on a camera with a 1.6 crop factor?

One advantage of the electronic viewfinder on a mirrorless camera is:


How many pixels is one "megapixel"?


How many tonal values will be recorded in each of the RGB channels with a  camera that records in 8 bit mode?


"Dynamic Range" is the ratio between...


What is the result of an image that exceeds a camera's dynamic range for the highlight values?


The focal length of a lens is measured by the distance between...


Which of the following is a characteristic of a "normal" lens?


A photographer is working to capture a baseball game with a 200mm lens.  The photographer decides to add a 2x converter to increase the lens's net focal length to 400mm.  What impact will the photographer have to consider when using the converter?


When using a zoom lens, decreasing the focal length effectively...


A photographer is photographing a bride with a normal lens.  To change the perspective, the photographer will need to...


You are photographing a 30 story building for a real estate client, and the building appears much larger at the bottom than it does at the top.  What specialty lens would allow you to correct this issue so that the building is straight from top to bottom?


When creating a full-length portrait of a drill team member, the best placement for the camera to minimize distortion is...


A landscape photographer will increase the sharpness of the background by employing this technique for determining a point of focus:

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