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Page 64 of your Guide For those of you who have ND filters that do use ‘X’ vs ‘Stops’  –   for Sekonic

Unfortunately you do not get a tshirt this year with registration but you can check out the PPA swag store

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See an example on the Westcott Strobe Accessories page at  – the one that looks a lot like a bullhorn

We can talk one-one-one about the lighting class if you like – 469.500.5657.  In the meantime, you can visit my site at

A tripod that is capable of the weight of your camera and lens, with weights much like those you’d use on a light stand usually overcomes shake issues.  Some tripods feature a hook you can hang weight fromSuch as this carbon fiber from SLIK

All exam registration information and resource live here!

Don’t know if you saw this from an Adobe email, but this is a great way to visualize the color wheel and quickly understand Color Harmony!