Class Resources

Download the Updated Study Guide to be released soon.  I encourage you NOT to print it just yet, as many more updates will be added to it before it is released.

Here is the replay of our Saturday class. Due to the length of the class, there are two separate recordings.

February 18 Live Class
Please use this passcode to watch videos: #^PQ2kh. (Include the dot at the end)

1st Recording (Cameras, Lenses and Attachments)

2nd Recording (Exposures and Meters, Lighting)

3rd Recording  (Composition and Design)

September 24 Live Class
1st Recording

2nd Recording


Here are the final two sections we did not cover live:
Here is: Digital Post-Production

Here is:  Image Capture and Output

Here are some additional support materials:

Steve’s Exposure Matrix

CPP Study Sheets

Important Calculations and Formulas

Sunny 16 Rule

Exposures Worksheet

Exposure Worksheet Answers

Suggested Exposures

Here are some links to help you connect with PPA for taking the exam:

All exam registration information and resource live here!

I hope you will make your plans to attend Texas School. Take a look and register January 3rd for Texas School. 

This section has an assortment of additional learning materials or miscellaneous topics that may have come up during class:

Posing was removed from the exam in 2022, but it is an important aspect of our craft. While it is no longer on the exam, I placed it here for your review. Here is the section on posing.

Lens Assignments: This is the exercise I use in my class to help illustrate “zoom with

Steve’s Flash Video

Other Links from our class:

Page 64 of your Guide For those of you who have ND filters that do use ‘X’ vs ‘Stops’  –   for Sekonic

See an example on the Westcott Strobe Accessories page at  – the one that looks a lot like a bullhorn

A tripod that is capable of the weight of your camera and lens, with weights much like those you’d use on a light stand usually overcomes shake issues.  Some tripods feature a hook you can hang weight from Such as this carbon fiber from SLIK

Don’t know if you saw this from an Adobe email, but this is a great way to visualize the color wheel and quickly understand Color Harmony!