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  1. Shelley Shroyer says:

    “Well, I feel official now. I had my first order for over $2500.00 not including the frames. I think I was in shock after taking her order…the best thing is that this client was a referral from another client. Love referrals!

    Steve, it has only been little over a year since I took your class and little did I know I would be here now. My in-home studio is to be done in 4 months and I am quiting my other job in December to take on photography full force. Exciting times & I am having so much fun. Thanks!”

  2. Will Wenzel says:

    “Thank you PPA! Today I received my professional certification, and it started me reflecting on how far I’ve come in a very short span of time. Three years ago I was an unhappy director of sales for a footwear company, and today I own and operate a successful portrait and wedding studio on the waterfront in Portland, Maine. Anyway, I remembered that it was PPA who set me on a course for success in July of 2003 when I took a pre-convention course taught by Steve Kozak. When I realized how much the three days I spent in that class have helped me, I thought I should tell someone. I don’t know if you keep files on the speakers, but if you do, would you please insert the attached letter in Mr. Kozak’s file?”

  3. Zodie Christakos says:

    “Steve, I thankfully just signed up for more of your classes, so I just had to stop and take this opportunity to tell you how much I value and appreciate you and the training opportunities that you provide. The knowledge I’ve gained from your classes has opened up a whole new world to me that was simply unattainable by just reading books or trial and error. The material you present and the methods you use for teaching have unlocked the mystery of photography that just a year ago was a black hole. I have seen you shed new light to beginner, advanced and pro photographers alike, passing along knowledge that has enabled me and others to reach new heights in our skills and results.

    I feel so fortunate to be located near enough that a 40 minute drive is all it takes me to get to your studio. Many of the other students that I have met in your classes travel hundreds of miles by plane or road trip to get there, and then talk about when they’re coming back for more nuggets of golden knowledge that helps put more green bucks in their pockets.”

  4. Veronica Leal says:

    “Thank you very much for offering the portable flash lighting class. I appreciate the information and the manner in which you executed the main points. It was certainly worth traveling 328 miles for.”

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